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Please read to the bottom of this page before placing an order. 


I provide all the information you will need so you are totally informed about how I operate. There is NEVER anything unsaid or left out. Everything you read is exactly what I do everyday, with every order.


Choose Free Gift Bundle 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 with a cash order or monthly financed order of $299.00 to $499.00

Free Gift Bundle 1

4 Boxes of incense cones (10 cones per box). 1 Iron canoe for burning your incense cones.


Free Gift Bundle 2

3 Resin packs & 1 Resin release box for your scented resin  packs.


Free Gift Bundle 3

2 Aroma Lamps, 2 bottles of Scented Oil for your lamps & 4 tealight candles.


Free Gife Bundle 4

1 Bottle of roll-on perfume oil & 3-100 gram bars of scented soap


Free Gift Bundle 5

5 packs of incense sticks (20 sticks per pack), 2-50 stick book of scented matches & 1 - 12" wooden canoe for burning your incense sticks.


Free Gift Bundle 6

You get all 5 Scented Items Bundles: 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 when you order $699.00 of jewelry, be it a cash order using your credit or debit card or monthly financed.


Free Gift Bundle 7

Gets you either 2 Free Women's Sterling Silver Items or 2 Free Men's Stainless Steel or 2 Free Tungsten items, Band and or Bracelet. Order $899.00 of gold jewelry be it a cash order using your credit or debit card or monthly financing.


Free Gift Bundle 8

Gets 1 Free 14K gold item with a website price up to $125.00. Choose from the items on the website within that price range. Order $1,200.00 of gold jewelry be it a cash order using your credit or debit card or monthly financing.


Instructions for submiting your free gift choice(s).

1. First check out the free gift selections by clicking the Free Gift Submission Form button.

2. You will see the drop list for the free gift S.S. jewelry, stainless steel and tungsten, as well as the Free Gift Bundles list. Click on the tabs to see the items.

3. Write down the page & item number for your jewelry selection(s) example: P.23 #23569 or the bundle name & number, example: Free Gift Bundle 3.

4. Click on the Free Gift Submission Form and follow the instructions to submit your Free Gift Choice if cash ordering.


If you use monthly financing, you will enter your free gift selection(s) choice after you pay off your financed balance owed.


All the scented items listed above can be purchased seperately as I have all those items in-stock, now! Give me a call to the number below leaving your full name & number and a day and time I can bring my scented items for you to purchase. I can come after 5 pm Monday - Friday and from 9 am - 5 pm Saturday & Sundays. If you get my answering machine, please leave your call back and appointment date & time information.

PLEASE NOTE: Item pictures and or container(s) on my website may vary from time to time due to manufactures changes.


Ordering Using Your Credit & Debit Card

When you want to order any item from the website. Check with me first to insure that the item or items you want to order are instock. Text your full name and the item number or numbers to 540-589-4537, 9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday (EST) I will text you back to let you know if it's ok to order using your credit or debit card. If you would prefer to call and leave your information use the number at the bottom of this page.

If the item or items you want to order are temporarily out of stock I will give you that information when I text and or call you back. Again do not use your credit or debit card to order until you get an ok to order from me.



Items are 10 & 14K Gold, be it yellow, white, rose or a color mix.

I can not replace any item simply because you did not like it in person or it was not as big or as long or as wide as you thought it was going to be or the color was not what you thought based on the website picture. Items with small gram weights will be small. 1 gram of gold is about the size of a quarter, so the more grams an item have the bigger the item. The more millimeters the wider or rounder the item.


Applying For My No Credit Check, No Finance Charge, Financing

No matter where you live, click on the Apply For Financing button to apply.

Please Note: If for any reason your name, residency, banking/credit union or employment cannot be verified, you will be denied financing. 


 Have you order taken at home

If you live in the greater Roanoke area, Roanoke City & County, Salem City & The Town of Vinton, Virginia. You can set an evening (after 5pm, Monday - Friday) or a weekend appointment (9 am - 5 pm Saturday & Sunday) to see my jewelry catalog and you can see your selection and know the actual size because the pictures in my catalog are shown actual size. I can also bring my scented items for immediate purchase. Click on the, Make A Home Appointment tab and follow the instructions on that page.

Divided Down Payment


If you don't want to pay the full down payment all at once. Use this option. Details explained when you use montly financing.


Stones shown in the 14k gold jewelry button selections are cubic zirconia, aka, CZ's. When you buy gold with cz's this is what you will get. 

CZ's gives your selection the sparkle, near diamond hardness and a larger stone size then that of a mined diamond, but most importantly at a fraction of the cost.

Diamonds are very expensive, have been and always will be. So think about getting your selection(s) with cz's. If lost, you won't fell as bad.

If you don't like cz's in your jewelry, I have added a Diamond Jewelry button and will be adding new items from time to time. So check back to see the new added diamond selections.



If the item you want is a ring and it is not my stock size of 7 for ladies and 10 for men. Call me and leave your full name and item number or numbers and include the new size or sizes you want, in your message. I will give you the new price and or prices when I call and or text you back.

Make sure you know the ring size or sizes. Because once you give me the new ring size or sizes and I ship it and or them to you, if it's not right, it will be up to you to have it and or them resized to the correct size or sizes.



3 to 10 Business Days. These days does not include Saturday & Sunday.


Shipping Rate & Transaction Fee

Free shipping on orders of $250.00 or more!

$30.00 on orders less than $250.00 per individual order.

Transaction fee: 3.7% per transaction if you are using my monthly payment plan.


Drop Down Menus

When you click on the drop down menu on any item and it does not drop down. Click off of it and try again. If you have to do this several times and it does not drop down, please call me and leave a message letting me know the item number or numbers of the item or items that won't drop down, Thanks


My Computer Generated Order Form Signature Agreement.

I agree to let Michael P. Tate, Sr. the owner of Michael's Jewelry/mickaelsjewelry.com, type in my full name and all other information needed for my order, wheather  it's taken over the phone or if my order is taken in-person and my signature is hand written.  My typed in over the phone signature and or my hand written signature when done in his presence will be my authorization for him to proceed with processing my order. A copy of my Order & Financing Form will be included with my order.


Picture View

ALWAYS click on any picture for the correct view of the picture and all information about the item.


Errors Made On My Website

Michael's Jewelry/mickaelsjewelry.com reserves the right to fix any worded description mistakes, pricing amount mistakes, picture mistakes and or to make any other changes as I Michael P. Tate, Sr., the owner of Michael's Jewelrymickaelsjewelry.com see fit that may have been posted, misspelled and or omitted on my website due to human error. 


I Thank You for visiting my website and your possible order(s).


You can call 540-400-0376 / 9 am - 5 pm / Monday - Friday (EST). Leave your full name, your cell and or home phone number and your message and I will call and or text you back.

Put my company name and number in your cell phones contact list. So when I call, you will know it's me.

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