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Please read to the bottom of this page before placing an order. 


Here's How My Business Works


Michael's Jewelry/mickaelsjewelry.com is a sell when you order company. I don't stock any of the gold items you see on my website. My gold jewelry suppliers has the inventory for the pictures you see.

I provide all the information you will need so you are totally informed about how I operate. There is NEVER anything unsaid or left out. Everything you read is exactly what I do everyday, with every order.


Ordering Using Your Credit & Debit Card

Check with me first to insure that the item or items you want to order are instock. Call 540-400-0376   9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday (EST) leave your full name, the item number or numbers. I will call and or text you back after 1:00 pm the next business day to let you know if it's ok to order using your credit or debit card.

If the item or items you want to order are temporarily out of stock I will give you that information when I call and or text you back. Again do not use your credit or debit card to order until you get an ok to order from me.



My gold jewelry suppliers does not take back any gold item unless I Michael P. Tate, Sr., the owner of Michael's Jewelry see something wrong with it. I visually check your order when I get it in to insure that your item or items are ok. If I find any problem I will contact my suppler immediately and I will send it or them back  to them for replacement and I will notify you when I expect to get your order back.

I have yet to send a piece back due to imperfection. All pieces are 14K Gold, be it yellow, white, rose or a mix.

So, because of their policy for no return unless there is something wrong with the piece or pieces. I cannot replace or exchange any non-defective item or items.

I also cannot return any item simply because you did not like it in person or it was not as big or as long or as wide as you thought it was going to be or the color was not what you thought based on the website picture.

If you live in the Greater Roanoke area, Roanoke City & Co., Salem City & The Town of Vinton, Virginia. I will come to you with my jewelry catalog so you can see your selection choice or choices and see exactly how big the item or items are, as the pictures in the catalog are shown actual size. In other words, What You See Is What You'll Get!

If you live outside of the areas listed and you call in an order. I will give you the size for pendants and necklaces. 


So when you see it and want it, don't hesitate to call me.

I will do my best to help you get what you want.


All stones used in the gold jewelry shown for sell on my website are cubic zirconia, aka, CZ's.

When you buy gold with cz's this is what you will get. 

CZ's gives your selection the sparkle, near diamond hardness and a larger stone size then that of a mined diamond, but most importantly at a fraction of the cost.



If the item you want is a ring and it is not my suppliers stock size of 7 for ladies and 10 for men. Call me and leave your full name and item number or numbers and include the new size or sizes you want in your message. I will give you the new price and or prices when I call and or text you back.

Make sure you know the ring size or sizes. Because once you give me the new ring size or sizes and I ship it and or them to you, if it's not right, it will be up to you to have it and or them resized to the correct size or sizes.



3 to 10 Business Days due to the postal service changes in delivery times. These days does not include Saturday & Sunday.


Shipping Rate & Transaction Fees 

$40.00 per individual order. Covers Shipping & Insurance For The Gold Item(s).

Transaction fee: 3.7% per transaction on your monthly payments.


Drop Down Menus

When you click on the drop down menu on any item and it does not drop down. Click off of it and try again. If you have to do this several times and it does not drop down, please call me and leave a message letting me know the item number or numbers of the item or items that won't drop down, Thanks


Your Computer Generated Order Form Signature Agreement.

I agree to let Michael P. Tate, Sr. the owner of Michael's Jewelry/mickaelsjewelry.com, type in my full name for orders taken over the phone and all my other given information in the spaces provided on his companies computer generated Order & Financing Form and my typed-in name will be my signed signature authorizing him to proceed with processing my order. A copy of my Order & Financing Form will be included with my order when my paid credit or debit card ordered items are shipped to me. I will receive a copy of my Order & Financing Form, if using monthly financing, after my order for monthly financing has been taken and completed.


Picture View

ALWAYS click on any picture for the correct view of the picture and all information about the item if there is any.


Errors Made On My Website

Michael's Jewelry/mickaelsjewelry.com reserves the right to fix any word description mistakes, pricing amounts mistakes, picture mistakes and or to make any other changes as I Michael P. Tate, Sr., the owner of Michael's Jewelrymickaelsjewelry.com see fit that may have been posted and or omitted on my website due to human error. 


I Thank You for visiting my website and your possible order(s).


Call 540-400-0376 / 9 am - 5 pm / Monday - Friday (EST)

Put my companies name and number in your cell phones contact list. So when I call, you will know it's me.

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